Our technologies

Manufacture of printed circuit board from prototypes to great series, Professionals and General Public

The four production lines of PCB Electronics allow us to meet all your needs, from the simplest PCB to more complex boards. Always at the right price! And from prototype to series.

Please find below all the technologies mastered by our company:

  • 1 to 42 layers
  • Rigid, Flex and standard flex-rigid Multilayer and Multi-pressings
  • Materials FR4 - HTG 170°-180° - flexible and rigid POLYIMIDE - High Frequency: ROGERS, TEFLON etc... Specials on request
  • Finish: HAL SnPb, HAL Lead Free, chemical Sn, chemical and electrolytic NI/AU, OSP
  • Substrate Thickness: 0.2 to 8 mm
  • Up to 435 microns thick copper
  • Minimum tracks and isolates: 35 microns
  • Minimum drilling: 75 microns by laser drilling and 150 microns in traditional Buried and blind holes (High Density Interconnect circuits)
  • Maximum size of panels: 800 * 1200 mm (longer on request)
  • Controlled impedance: guarantee up to + or - 5% with the test coupon supply and measurement report. We can design your stack up (calculation of dielectric thicknesses and track/isolation widths) and provide it to you to meet your specifications (material and characteristic impedances of the circuit)
  • Solder mask and silkscreen: colours by choice
  • Strip coating


Our specific technologies

  • HDI Printed-circuit boards (High Density Interconnect)
  • Via in pad (capped via)
  • µvia Copper Filling
  • Via plugged with non-conductive paste, copper, solder masks or via filler SD-2361 "Peters"
  • Stacked µvia
  • LDI - LPI and horizontal metalisation for complex products
  • Clean room class 1,000/10,000/100,000 for complex boards
  • Possibility of using different substrates on the same board through "laser adjustment" technology of our press
Via in pad


 Certifications and Standards: UL, ISO 9001 :2008, ISO 14001 :2004, IPC class 1,2 and 3, ROHS, REACH, others on request...