Standard PCB

The PCB cost is a major factor in the price of your finished product. PCB Electronics supports you in your efforts to reduce costs, while always providing optimal quality!

For a prototype, or mass production, PCB Electronics is at your service.

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  • No tooling costs
  • Free and systematic electrical test
  • Express and standard lead times
  • A technical and commercial service at your service


Below you will find a summary of the production capacity of PCB Electronics for standard boards.

Feel free to contact us with your inquiries!


Technical capabilities

Number of layers 1 -> 10 1 -> 10
Thickness 0.4 ~ 3.2 mm Max. 8 mm
Min. Trace / Insulation 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Mechanical drilling Min. 0.25/0.2 mm plated Min. 0.25/0.2 mm plated
Laser drilling x x
Maximum size of printed circuit board 500 x 600 mm² 800 x 1200 mm²
Impedance ± 10 % ± 5 %

Finished copper thickness: 35 (55); 70; 105; 140; 210; 235

Colours of soldermask: Green, yellow, black, blue, red, white, green matte, others on request ...

Monthly production capacity: 30,000 sqm of single and double sided PCB, 20,000 sqm of multilayer PCB