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Montage-electroniqueWith our team synergy in the field of electronics and PCB, we want to put our experience and our production lines at your service!

Our comprehensive and innovative offer lets you produce all your PCBs, your test prototypes, your marketing series, at the best price.

Our company has several production lines that allow us to manufacture your products under the best conditions in accordance with your constraints. Each production line is suitable for the production of:

  • Standard prototype PCB (track / space > 100 µm)
  • Standard series PCB
  • High-tech prototype PCB (complexes and HDI boards)
  • High-tech series PCB


From single-sided to the most complex multilayer HDI, PCB Electronics is routinely offering:

    check The costs of tooling and electrical tests

    check  Quality, consulting and technical assistance

    check  Deadlines to meet your needs


Feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to answer you as quickly as possible.