Our all-inclusive offer

PCB Electronics is...

More than PCBs! We want to provide solutions for every stage of your projects.

Thus, we can design your project from beginning to end. We offer the following services:

  • Electronic study
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Printed circuit boards manufacturing
  • Wiring
  • Assembly.
  • Mechanics
  • Scanning paper plans or printed circuit boards in Gerber 274-X format
  • Convert your manufacturing files to Gerber 274-X.

From a simple idea, we are able to provide you with your project "ready to deliver."
In addition, we offer our services from prototype to mass production, always at competitive prices.
From small to large series, from the idea to selling, PCB Electronics offers its help and servicesat every stage.



You have an electronic development project?

From the preparation of the specifications to the production of a prototype, PCB Electronics through its partners carries out all your projects in the following areas:

  • Digital Electronics, FPGA, other.
  • Analogue and high frequency electronics.
  • Development of embedded systems.
  • Reliability and sustainability of production.
  • PC application software development in relation to the needs of your embedded systems.
  • EMC compliance.
  • Integration of EMC rules at conception.
  • Advice for the qualification of devices.



A block diagram or a specification allows us to develop a study and manufacture design as soon as possible, taking into account your constraints:

  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • Economic
  • Regulatory requirements such as the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety (LVD))

PCB Electronics also offers:

  • Compliance of your cards
  • Digitisation of old records
  • Certification



From prototype to a great series

  • Sourcing Components
    • Supply of standard and obsolete components
    • International supply of specific components
    • Storage of components

  • Prototype wiring
    • Wiring of manual or semi automatic electronic cards for models or prototypes quickly with                                                                         traditional components and SMD as well as all the special components
    • X-rays and other tests on request

  • Wring component card

  • SMD wiring
    • Automatic installation, soldering, forced convection or vapour-phase
    • BGA installation, thermal profile study, soldering / desoldering laser, reballing, RX control, test

  • Wire Bond
    • Cutting, automatic stripping, terminal crimping, identification, testing

  • Tests
    • Design and production of test benches

  • Wiring and integration of cabinets, racks, cables

  • Tropicalisation, moulding




  • Design and manufacture of boxes and front panels with anodising, screen printing and laser engraving.
  • Mechanical integration of electronic systems.
  • Design and manufacture of moulds.
  • Mechanical and Industrial file.
  • Machining, cutting, burning, bending.
  • Box design.